Dreaming of Space
Filmfest 2005

In 1957, the USSR launched the first satellite into space and a new spirit began to emerge from a people living in captivity in their own country, people cloaked in the paranoia of secrecy. It now seemed to them that a wonderful era of freedom lay ahead. DREAMING OF SPACE is the story of the gullible and open Konyok, a cook and boxer living in the restricted zone of a seaport who befriends the enigmatig Gherman, a former political prisoner secretly obsessed with defecting. While his boxing trainer is determined to uncover Gherman's secret, Konyok simply yearns for his friendship and the love of Lara, a waitress whose job serving on foreign ships could help Gherman's plan.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Evgeniy Mironov, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Irina Pegova, Elena Lyadova


Director: Alexej Uchitel