The Fever
Filmfest 2005

Mario, a thirty-something land surveyor pretty much drifts along, living in Cremona with his very traditionally minded mother. One day what seems to him like a golden opportunity appears: a building has become available so that he and a group of friends can finally create that bar/discotheque they‘ve dreamed about for so long. For Mario it‘s a big step - he‘s just been offered a regular job by the city - but he really wants to throw caution to the wind and move ahead with his friends. But that‘s when his problems really begin.... D'Alatri expertly dissects the provincial prejudices and attitudes, as well as the traps of a local bureaucracy trying to show at every step just how important they are. Fabio Volo finds just the right balance of exasperation, determination and world-weariness for Mario, a man who understands that life shouldn't be this complicated - but that it is anyway. Open Roads: New Italian Cinema, Film Society of Lincoln Center

tags: Feature film

Cast: Fabio Volo, Valeria Solarino, Cochi Ponzoni, Arnoldo Foà


Director: Alessandro D'Alatri