8 Days
Filmfest 2006

Paul Novak, a detective on the narcotics squad, leaves the hospital a changed man six months after a serious car accident. He still suffers from massive amnesia, his memory torn to shreds, leaving him aware of just traces of his former life. One partial memory is of his wife Lili, who died just before his accident, shot dead by an unknown assailant. He sets out to find her murderer and regain his memory with the help of his former partner Boris. But can he trust him? Boris seems friendly and helpful, but is actually on the payroll of influential gangsters who are dead-set on preventing Paul from stirring up the past. Police authorities come up with a dead man as the alleged perpetrator – conveniently for them, the allegation can't be refuted. Paul is sceptical and pushes on with his investigation. When he proves that the dead suspect is innocent, the question remains: who killed his wife? It’s a continual struggle to remember his family and friends, most importantly his son Finn, who is his closest link to a happier past. But remembering that past puts him in grave peril, as his inquiries not only lead him back to his own shady history as a policeman, but also deeper and deeper into a mired swamp of corruption, drugs and prostitution, where power-hungry politicians and organized crime work together. They are powerful people who will stop at nothing to end Paul’s investigation... The story of 8 intense days in one man’s life told over the course of 8 riveting episodes.

tags: TV series

Cast: Misel Maticevic, Roeland Wiesnekker, Dominic Raacke, Claudia Michelsen, Richy Müller


Director: Peter Keglevic, Hans Günther Bücking