The Secret of the Swamps
Filmfest 2006

When a mummified corps is discovered in the swamps of the river Spree near Berlin, the authorities turn to Dr. Til Desno, an emergency plastic surgeon and recognized forensic expert. With the face slowly taking shape on his computer screen, Desno is shocked to recognize it is Ralf, his best friend in high school in East Germany. The story on Ralf had always been that he had escaped to the West but had blown the whistle on his friends, including Til. But now it becomes clear that Ralf couldn’t have betrayed his friends - he was already dead. Til sets out on a journey to his own roots – back to the places of his childhood and the many secrets concealed there. What begins merely as a trip to solve a murder case turns into a quest for the meaning of friendship.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Sebastian Blomberg, Anna Loos, Kai Scheve, Christian Redl, Angela Winkler


Director: Kai Wessel