Filmfest 2006

BOYCOTT will be a shock to anyone only familiar with the pictures from later in Makhmalbaf’s career. Car chase scenes and gun battles feature prominently in this story about political activist Valeh (played by Majid Majidi, later the director of THE COLOR OF PARADISE and THE CHILDREN OF HEAVEN). Valeh’s wife, Maryam, has just gone into labor when the Shah government forces unleash a full-scale assault on Valeh and his fellow dissidents. Valeh is captured after his colleagues are brutally murdered, and in prison, he strives to escape vicious torture... still (the film) shows signs of Makhmalbaf realizing his own cinematic language, particularly in one 540 degree pan. George Wu, "In jail there were so many more insane people than these, either because they turned into psychopaths because of the torture or because they had lost their minds because of the pressure they were under in their political organizations." Mohsen Makhmalbaf

tags: Feature film

Cast: Majid Majidi, Mohammad Kasebi, Zohreh Sarmadi


Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf