Joy of Madness
Filmfest 2006

JOY OF MADNESS captures the determination, the persuasiveness, and the single-mindedness of the Makhmalbaf clan at work, with father Mohsen and stepmother Marziyeh Mehskini also part of a close-knit production team. Samira herself comes across as a volatile and demanding figure as she flatters, cajoles, and criticizes those she seeks to cast. Mohsen reinforces her sales pitches by stressing to people how famous his daughter is in the world beyond Afghanistan (“a thousand newspapers have written about her”, he explains), and he’s the one asked to ensure the wavering Agheleh signs on to the project. But it's Hana who deserves the credit for such a candid view of her own filmmaking family. Tom Dawson,, 18 May 2004
Hana was 14-and-a-half when she wrapped JOY OF MADNESS. Young even for a Makhmalbaf. So young, in fact, that Italian law forbade her from going to her premiere at the Venice film festival. Having attended her first Cannes aged three, and had her short film, THE DAY MY AUNT WAS ILL, screened at Locarno when she was eight, Hana saw the ban off.
With: Agheleh Rezaei, Agheleh Farahmand, Bibigol Asef

tags: Documentary


Director: Hana Makhmalbaf