Marriage of the Blessed
Filmfest 2006

Haji, a photography student and journalist, has been severely traumatized by an explosion in the war with Iraq. Tormented by his nightmarish visions, he is released into the care of his fiancé and relatives. Haji finds the atmosphere in the city is unbearable and the contradictions between this reality and the one at the front precipitate his breakdown... The film elicited conflicting critical reaction in Tehran. Some considered it an anti-war and even an anti-Islamic revolution film, while others viewed it as an elegy to a generation that suffered while others profited from the war. A profoundly shocking portrayal of a man traumatized by the horrors of modern warfare. Piers Handling, Toronto Festival of Festivals, 1990

tags: Feature film

Cast: Mahmoud Bigham, Roya Nownahali, Mohsen Zehtab


Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf