Magic Mirror
Filmfest 2006

Luciano, who has just been released from prison, gets a job as a servant in Alfreda’s house. Alfreda is a wealthy woman whose greatest wish is to see an apparition of the Virgin Mary, whom she would like to invite to tea. And Luciano has to listen to her. Isn't it enough having an Aston Martin and a Jaguar in the garage and a closet full of expensive dresses? Luciano, unable to talk her out of her fixation, arranges, with the help of a con man he knows, to have a young girl feign an apparition... Manoel de Olivera delves into the similarities and differences of two conflicting conceptions of faith and life - and the possibility of life after death.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ricardo Trepa, Leonor Silveira, Michel Piccoli


Director: Manoel de Oliveira