Pettson and Findus 3 - Pettson's Promise
Filmfest 2006

This very ambitious and richly animated feature with the old man, Pettson, and his incurably curious cat, Findus, reveals the true spirit of Christmas just as Findus is losing faith in the 'Tomte'. The Tomte is roughly the Scandinavian equivalent of Santa Claus but can also more generally refer to a gnome or elf of sorts. Why does he never come to visit Findus on Christmas Eve like he does other children? Pettson promises his little cat that this year he will and resolves to secretly build a mechanical Tomte. He soon begins to despair that such an undertaking is beyond even his powers of invention. Then, however, strange and miraculous things begin to happen, helping Pettson overcome the technical obstacles in ways that even he cannot explain, and teaching him that there’s more to the magic of Christmas than he may have thought.

tags: Animation


Director: Jørgen Lerdam, Anders Sørensen