Filmfest 2006

It is a terrible blow for 8-year-old Karo when her parents split up. She only sees her beloved father on weekends now. And one of the two walkie-talkies her father had just given her must have fallen out of the cardboard boxes during the move. Karo feels so miserable that she turns on her remaining walkie-talkie and pours her heart into it, in the hope that God might be listening. Suddenly an indignant voice replies – yes, this is God! Karo is initially sceptical and demands proof. By sheer coincidence the evidence she wants is forthcoming and Karo is convinced. Soon afterwards, Karo meets “God” face to face and is astonished to discover that he is, in fact, a shabby old man with an alcohol problem who lives in the same building. He had found the missing walkie-talkie, and, with a few drinks inside him, went along with the case of mistaken identity. But he quickly regrets it: Karo is determined that he, “God”, is going to help her bring her parents back together again. Relentlessly, she pesters the drunk for help. Reluctantly, he plays along... A world premiere!

tags: Feature film

Cast: Resi Reiner, Petra Morzé, Markus Gertken, Branko Samarovski


Director: Danielle Proskar