The Short Life of José Antonio Gutierrez
Filmfest 2006

José Antonio Gutierrez was one of the 300,000 soldiers sent by US Army to war in Iraq a year ago last March. A few hours after the war began, his picture was broadcast all over the world: he was the first American soldier to be killed in the war. He was there as a so-called green-card soldier – one of approximately 32,000 fighting in the ranks of the US Army for a foreign country. The film tells the moving and nearly unbelievable story of a one-time street kid from Guatemala, who headed north along the Pan-American Highway – full of hopes and desires for a better future – ultimately to die an American hero far from home. José Antonio’s story is no adventurer’s tale. It is the story of an attempt to survive – on both sides of the world.

tags: Documentary


Director: Heidi Specogna