Smoke Signals
Filmfest 2006

Jonathan Fischer arrives on Sardinia after a long journey from America and takes a room in a guesthouse run by his ex-wife Isabella Goldberg and Annabella Silberstein. Over the next few days, Jonathan gets to know his teenager daughter and falls in love with Annabella. But this idyllic atmosphere is disturbed when one of the guests, an Arabian princess, is killed and another guest, who had been madly in love with her, shoots himself. Isabella and Annabella decide to use the pond Jonathan has been digging out as a final resting place for the two fated lovers.... "I know it will be a tightrope walk between emotionalism and understatement. What I am describing is an absolute idyll, almost unreal in its beauty – paradise! Where life then breaks in and changes everything, albeit in two directions: firstly, into a drama and then into an even more fantastic paradise." Rudolf Thome

tags: Feature film

Cast: Hannelore Elsner, Karl Kranzkowski, Adriana Altaras, Serpil Turhan, Joya Thome


Director: Rudolf Thome