Filmfest 2006

Alerted that his grandmother, whom everyone calls "Müetter" is declining, Stéphane drives by night to her village. He finds sweet 24-year-old Marguerite, a pregnant neighbor, selflessly tending to Müetter. Upset that the local doc has simply prescribed morphine, Stéphane tries to do more - get another physician, prepare a feast in Müetter‘s honor, etc. His older cousin Mathieu has mixed feelings upon seeing him. Bits of everyone‘s past emerge as does a certain wisdom about what can and can‘t be changed. Formally composed visuals and classical-inflected score pleasingly leaven what could have been depressing. Müetter‘s face is never seen until shortly before the pic‘s conclusion. Lisa Nesselson, in: Variety.com, Feb. 20, 2006

tags: Feature film

Cast: Stanislas Mehrar, Sophie Quinton, Aurélien Recoing


Director: Dominique Lienhard