I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed
Filmfest 2006

Figon is but a sorcerer‘s apprentice in a highly inflammable era: where radical utopias confront even more radical conservatism. A moment in contemporary history that sees, with the end of colonialism, the birth of extraordinarily high hopes for the future of humanity. Hopes that are harboured by the intellectuals that Figon is involved with, and that through veritable fear and cynical calculations, lead the guardians of public order to commit the irreparable. For, the whirlwind that is the 1960‘s sees the assassination of the strongest public figures of the third world. Ben Barka and others. Serge Le Péron

tags: Feature film

Cast: Charles Berling, Simon Abkarian, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Josiane Balasko


Director: Serge Le Péron