October 17, 1961
Filmfest 2006

A gripping, very well-executed video docudrama of the infamous night when the racial tensions between the Parisian police and the Algerian underclass - already tenuous because of Charles de Gaulle’s bitterly divisive involvement in the Algerian War of Independence - came to a head... Incident piles on incident and the overwhelming sense for all involved - race and creed be damned - is that of an inextricable quagmire, a practically preordained historical clusterfuck that resonates forward and backward through time, as much a reenactment of tragedies past as it is a prognosticator of misfortunes to come. Keith Uhlich, www.slantmagazize.com

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jean-Michel Portal, Vahina Giocante, Jalil Naciri


Director: Alain Tasma