May God Bless America
Filmfest 2006

On September 11 2001, Pierre, a sexual offender released from jail, must face the people of his Montréal suburb, who know of his crimes because of a list circulating illegally. What‘s worse, of the people on the list, three have been murdered by an unknown vigilante. Pierre is faced with the closed universe of his suburb, encountering the same people over and over again – the lead investigator in the murders, a frustrated housewife, an accountant stuck with a tyrannical spouse and a few more, who will all drift toward Pierre in their own selfish efforts to satisfy their needs. As George Bush asks God to bless America in its time of need and anger, these strangers will slowly form a new and strange friendship ...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Gildor Roy, Marika Lhoumeau, Patrice Dussault


Director: Robert Morin