The Hamster Cage
Filmfest 2006

Lucy and Paul return to their childhood home for a celebration dinner when their Uncle Stan shows up with inappropriate gifts for all, and a way-too-young fiancée named Candy. Once the gifts are unwrapped, all Hell breaks loose... "In 1973, Larry Kent was a heroic figure for me, a man who had made six (!) actual movies before I had even managed to make any. He shot them in Vancouver and Toronto, and now, in Montreal, he was about to make another one. There, in the halls of Cinepix, I complained to him about the Canadian Film Development Corporation’s reluctance to invest in my proposed first movie, Orgy Of The Blood Parasites. He said to me, speaking as though we were holding the biggest press conference in the world, ‘We are young, we are passionate, and we will not be denied. I loved him on the spot’." David Cronenberg

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jillian Fargey, Tom Scholte, Patricia Dahlquist, Scott Hylands


Director: Larry Kent