A Unique Schooling
Filmfest 2006

Xiao-Yan is 13 years old. Because her family is unable to afford her tuition, she has to stop going to school. She does not want to be a child bride at such an early age, like her best friend Sanhua, and she believes that she can only prevent that from happening by continuing her education. So she decides to make some money during the summer vacation to pay her tuition. "It is impossible to impose the idea of hardship to children. They have their own world. They do not perceive poverty, backwardness or dignity. Their world is always filled with sunshine, blue sky, white clouds, buddies, yellow soil, cute lambs... and freedom. As long as there is freedom, they are happy forever." Director’s Statement

tags: Feature film

Cast: Wu Xu, Yang Shulin, Ailiya


Director: Fang Gangliang