Laura Smiles
Filmfest 2006

Nine years ago Laura was a vivacious aspiring actress engaged to a talented young writer, and her smile came easily. Now, after her fiance’s senseless death in a car accident she’s married to a middle-class insurance man, has a young son, and is living the perfect soccer-mom lifestyle. But the mundane suburban landscape she drives through daily is vapid, her dreams are forever troubled by images of the car crash that took her lover’s life, and she looks wistfully unhappy just tossing a salad for the family dinner. Laura soon grows distracted, withdrawn, and dissatisfied, so she tries therapy. That journey leads her to embark on an affair with a neighbor... Louis Chunovic, Tribeca Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Petra Wright, Kip Pardue, Jonathan Silverman, Ted Hartley


Director: Jason Rusico