Big Sister Punam
Filmfest 2006

The child’s voice of nine–year–old Punam Tamang transports us to the Nepalase city of Bhaktapur, where we are presented with a stark description of the hard life of this young girl and the dismal social conditions in which she lives. Punam‘s mother died when she was only five. We meet her friends whose families do not make enough money for them to afford school. Instead of studying, these children have to work in a stone quarry or brick–making factory to help their families get by. We witness all this through the eyes of this young Asian girl who dreams of becoming a teacher and helping other children in situations like hers. With: Punam Tamang, Rabina Tamang, Krishna Tamang FILMFEST MÜNCHEN presents PUNAM in cooperation with HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH

tags: Documentary, Short film


Director: Lucian Muntean