Crossing Arizona
Filmfest 2006

CROSSING ARIZONA is a far-reaching and up-to-the-moment look at the hotly debated issues of illegal immigration and national security as captured at America’s current flashpoint – the Arizona/Sonora border. With heightened U.S. security along the California,Texas, and New Mexico borders, each day thousands of migrants attempting to enter the United States are being diverted into the most treacherous terrain of Arizona’s brutal desert. The perilous journey, which can take up to four days, has caused a dramatic rise in the number of migrant deaths.Those who make it – the undocumented immigrants who live and work in the U.S. – invoke a wide range of impassioned responses and conflicting concerns over human rights, culture, race, class, and national security. CROSSING ARIZONA explores the impact of failed U.S. policies on those most directly effected – the local communities. Seen through the eyes of frustrated ranchers, border patrol agents, local politicians, farmers dependent on an illegal work force, seasoned humanitarian activists, desperate migrants preparing for their journey north, and the Minutemen who have become darlings of the national media, CROSSING ARIZONA unveils the complicated dilemmas presented by the border crisis.

tags: Documentary


Director: Joseph Mathew, Dan DeVivo