Marta and the Flying Grandfather
Filmfest 2006

Marta’s mom has a new job. So the 9-year-old girl is sent to her grandfather's in the country. She arrives to find that her grandfather has changed. He now does many strange things that grown-ups don’t normally do. He forgets things, puts his clothes on backwards or inside-out, sometimes he even gets pretty aggressive. Marta realizes that her grandfather has an illness and takes on the adult role in the relationship. She doesn't tell her mom so she can concentrate on her new job. But the villagers don't think a little girl and a crazy old man should be living together alone and want him placed in a home... A world premiere at the Kinderfilmfest!

tags: Feature film

Cast: Malina Schreiber, Hermann Beyer, Jannik Werner


Director: Christian Schwochow