On the Way
Filmfest 2006

Hard Times. Military Government rules the Country. Yilmaz Güney, legendary Turkish Filmmaker, is transferred to another prison. During the journey, his wife, a friend of his from prison and a young director follow him in a car. The cars stop at a motel for the night. Here, the young director, himself wanting to break free of the prison of his own making, confronts his master, but actually he is still under his master’s influence. Although the master is ‘inside’, he is still being tried because of the articles he’s written. Yet more penalties loom. He is planning to flee the country. Actually, at the end of the journey, a surprise awaits all the travelers. The film asks a plain question: Are we as free as we think? “I composed this story with inspiration from a journey I made with Yilmaz Güney. It is based on real life experience. But I have tilted, bent, exaggerated, decreased it. YOLDA is a film about freedom and captivity. A story of people whose souls are under oppression in any country, any time. This is not a period film, it is a long term film. The protagonist manages to stand tall, survive against all odds, but he is a ‘loser’. In this story, ‘the winner’ is the young director, who has escaped his own prison. In the end, he’s hurt, but he gains his liberty.”  Erden Kiral

tags: Feature film

Cast: Halil Ergün, Yesim Büber, Serdar Orçin


Director: Erden Kiral