Filmfest 2006

Baghdad 2003. Confusion, uncertainty and death engulf the bombed ruins of a psychiatric asylum. The past and present lives of three Iraqis are entangled by the chaos of the American ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign. Ahlaam is a confused young woman, in the asylum since witnessing the violent arrest of her fiancé on their wedding day. Dr. Medhi is an idealist who longs for a free Iraq, where humanity is cherished, not brutalized by hatred and fear, where the human quest for truth and goodness will triumph over the brutality he witnesses. Ali, a patient and former soldier once eager to serve his country, is now a shell-shocked shadow of his former self who roams streets for surviving inmates.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Aseel Adel, Bashir Al-Majid, Mohamded Hashim


Director: Mohamed Al-Daradji