The Nightly Song of the Travellers
Filmfest 2006

An aging Turkish tailor, just released from an Iranian jail for offending a mullah, sets off with a 12-year-old companion in search of his Anatolian home only to find the village has vanished without a trace. Wandering restlessly from village to village in the mountains of East Anatolia, they encounter a variety of odd characters - seers, grumpy truckers, suspicious villagers and gamblers from the city - and eventually wind up on the coast, dancing on the beach to the music of travelling Armenian musicians. An intriguing parable and a fascinating, evocative glimpse into the traditions, faith, and history of the region. "The world around him is at the same time commonplace and fantastical. This absurd and cruel world does not offer a well-defined path. Even the seer Yolan turns to leaves things up to chance." International Film Festival Rotterdam

tags: Feature film

Cast: Engin Günay, Kuzey Özdogan, Ülkü Ülker


Director: Chapour Haghighat