The Crimson Pirate
Filmfest 2006

THE CRIMSON PIRATE certainly doesn’t take itself seriously. It even announces such from the opening moments with Burt Lancaster swinging from sail to sail and announcing to the camera "Ask no questions, believe only what you see ... No, believe only half of what you see." The plot is amazingly dextrous in its twists and turns – beginning with a double-plan by the pirates to sell the guns to the rebels and then betray the rebels to the military, then having to conduct a scheme to rescue the rebel leader so they can buy the guns, but then Lancaster finding himself unable to go through with the scheme because he has fallen for the rebel leader‘s daughter and forced to go on the run from his own mutinous crew and the English who feel betrayed. By the end it becomes totally gonzo, producing wildly anachronistic inventions – hot-air balloons, tanks and submarines. It is directed with an immense degree of vigour.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Burt Lancaster, Eva Bartok, Nick Cravat, Christopher Lee


Director: Robert Siodmak