Wag the Dog
Filmfest 2006

This is a movie in which political consultants film a bag of Tostitos and then digitally turn it into a kitten. It‘s no small measure of the film‘s sneakiness to say that this is almost the least of its dirty tricks. To say that the priceless Tostito maneuver is staged cynically is to underestimate both the film‘s terrifically astute humor and its high spirits, which prevail despite the essential awfulness of what is being seen. WAG THE DOG takes the stance that American public policy may be founded on fraud in high places, and that there is no public outpouring too spontaneous-looking to be manipulated by political puppeteers. New York Times

Cast: Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Anne Heche, Dennis Leary, Woody Harrelson


Director: Barry Levinson