Liberty Heights
Filmfest 2006

Returning once again to the Baltimore of his youth, Barry Levinson adds another installment to his Baltimore Trilogy (DINER, TIN MEN, AVALON), tackling the emotionally charged subjects of anti-Semitism and racism in addition to his standard themes of family, friendship, and loyalty. In 1954, Ben Kurtzman, a Jewish teen from Baltimore, is intrigued by the new girl in his class. The problem? Sylvia is one of the first black students to attend his school. While Ben and Sylvia pursue a forbidden friendship in the early days of desegregation, Ben’s older brother, Van, is smitten with Dubbie, a beautiful wealthy WASP who may as well live in another world. As the brothers struggle with their budding relationships and new cultures, their father, Nate, has his own problems. His failing burlesque show is a front for running numbers, and he owes a huge payout to Little Melvin, a small-time African American drug dealer.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Ben Foster, Adrien Brody, Bebe Neuwirth, Joe Mantegna, Rebekah Johnson


Director: Barry Levinson