Sex & Philosophy
Filmfest 2006

After his recent documentary incursions into Afghanistan, Iranian maestro Mohsen Makhmalbaf returns to personal filmmaking with a vengeance in SEX & PHILOSOPHY, a narcissistic tale of a dance master who simultaneously summons four of his mistresses for one last tango in Tadzhikistan... It is the hero's 40th birthday that triggers his 'revolution', as he drives around with 40 lit candles on the dashboard, picking up street musicians who provide parts of the soundtrack. Like an ALL THAT JAZZ without the heart attacks, SEX could be interpreted as an artist's musical, irony-tinged encapsulation of his whole creative process. Makhmalbaf is lightly satirizing himself. Ronnie Scheib,, Oct. 8, 2005

tags: Feature film

Cast: Daler Nazarov, Mariam Gaibova, Farzana Beknazarov


Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf