Salam Cinema: The Makhmalbaf Family and Their Films
Filmfest 2006

SALAM CINEMA - THE MAKHMALBAFS AND THEIR FILMS centers on the remarkable contribution of the entire family to the art of filmmaking. It also shows the courageous spirit of ordinary people faced with the extremely difficult situation of coping without the head of the family (Mohsen emigrated to Paris in early 2005). The political dimension, however, permeates the whole film, focusing on the views of Mohsen Makhmalbaf, his fight against all kinds of fundamentalism, his thoughts on the discrepancy between the theories and the realities of political and religious credos, and on the West’s indifferent attitude towards ongoing human rights abuses in Islamic countries. "I feel like a person sitting in a balloon. With every film I make, I'm dropping a sandbag, so that the balloon will rise. I see those sandbags as the cultural problems in Iranian society." Mohsen Makhmalbaf

tags: Documentary


Director: Vera Tschechowa