Filmfest 2006

TIDELAND tells the story of a young girl who travels with her father to live in a rural farmhouse. Her life takes some unexpected turns, and she invents a fantasy world where “fireflies have names, bog men awaken at dusk, monster sharks swim down railroad tracks, and disembodied Barbie heads are all-important confidants and advisers.” – “Gilliam enters the world of a child with his arsenal of fanciful imagery full, drawing on Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz to boot. But the film is finally pure Gilliam, an assault on the senses, feverishly ambitious and full of the comedy and weirdness that has won him a deserved reputation as an anarchist and artist of uncommon vision. Piers Haindling, 2005 Toronto Intl. Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Jodelle Ferland, Jennifer Tilly, Janet McTeer, Brendan Fletcher


Director: Terry Gilliam