Steel City
Filmfest 2006

STEEL CITY tells the psychologically rich story of a dysfunctional family of men in a depressed midwestern steel town who have been torn apart by years of mistrust, anger, and irresponsibility. In the wake of his father‘s incarceration for killing a woman, 20-something PJ Lee drifts aimlessly, losing one job, then another, scuffling with his tough, philandering brother, and halfheartedly pursuing a girl from work. Evicted from his house, he accepts an offer to live with his estranged, bossy uncle, Vic. But Vic demands a level of accountability and communication that overwhelms PJ, and, like all the men in his family, he bolts... First-timer Brian Jun never confines his characters or story to neat little formulas; rather, he soulfully embraces the nuances and complications of family, love, and circumstance. Sundance Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Tom Guiry, John Heard, Raymond J. Barry, Jamie Anne Allman, Kristian Best


Director: Brian Jun