Contemporary Case Studies
Filmfest 2006

An unromantic comedy. "An assured and overtly stylised exploration of a 30-something, hetero, single woman's lament The series of neatly designed, crisply scripted segments are intensified through the adroit use of small details. A woman mines for a splinter in the soft flesh of her foot with tweezers; another twitches with shame while coming out to her analyst as a ... heterosexual!, venting her feelings with an inflatable phallic punching bag; 2 friends commiserate on the state of contemporary men... Merewether's adept use of the the split screen exaggerates the tension and humour by forming unusual and ironic connections." Mireille Juchau, RealTime/OnScreen

tags: Short film

Cast: Bronwyn Rennex, Lesley Power, Liz Hughes


Director: Janet Merewether