My Friend the Murderer
Filmfest 2006

Cracking up to three safes at different locations in the course of a night, the Kimmel gang, productive weavers by day, burglars by night, made fools out of the authorities in post-war Germany. Their arrest was a fluke. Director Peter Fleischmann met Bernhard Kimmel just after his release from prison in 1970. He interviewed him and struck up a friendship that was put to the test in 1982, when Kimmel was again arrested: this time for killing a police officer while fleeing the scene of another crime. When Kimmel was paroled after 22 years in prison, the director was finally able to finish the intimate portrait of a man who had spent most of his life behind bars – clinging to the legend of who he once was and trying to find out how to fit into a world that passed him by.

tags: Documentary


Director: Peter Fleischmann