Flamenco Women
Filmfest 2006

FLAMENCO WOMEN focuses on an ensemble brought together just six days before a performance as it struggles to orchestrate the guitars, singers, and dancers under the gun. "I’d never seen women like this in my life. They seemed to be so proud of their own gender and the sexuality and sensuality that is female without having to compromise it in any way for a male audience. It struck me that flamenco was about women. There were men dancing, and the guitarists are always men - but the women seemed to be stronger and more expressive. I resolved there and then to make a film about female flamenco. It took me 10 years but I did finally get it together." Mike Figgis, The Guardian, 16 July 2001
With: Sara Baras, Elena Camunez Andújar, Eva la Yerba Buena

tags: Documentary


Director: Mike Figgis