The Loss of Sexual Innocence
Filmfest 2006

The ambitions announced in the title are realized in the concept of the film itself - the tale of a modern man intercut with scenes of Adam and Eve’s fall. Writer-director Mike Figgis charts episodes in the sexual life of Nic, a filmmaker who seems a lot like Figgis himself. (Nic, like Figgis, is raised in Africa and lives in England as a teenager.) As these episodes build to form a psychological portrait of Nic, Figgis flashes to a naked Adam being born from the center of a lake, then to the birth of Eve, their discoveries of the world, Eve’s encounter with the serpent, and their expulsion from the garden. The modern story and the biblical one are not necessarily parallel, but their grim conclusions are inextricably linked in a universal cycle of sin and retribution. The film is almost wordless, relying instead on striking imagery and beautiful 16mm handheld camerawork.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Julian Sands, Saffron Burrows, Stefano Dionisi, Kelly Macdonald, Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Director: Mike Figgis