The Battle of Orgreave
Filmfest 2006

THE BATTLE OF ORGREAVE is the name given to a (violent) confrontation between police and picketing miners at a British Steel coking plant in Orgreave, South Yorkshire, in 1984, during the UK miners’ strike. The National Union of Mineworkers was represented by 5-6000 pickets. The police numbered 4-8000... 93 arrests were made, with 51 picketers and 72 policemen injured... In 2001, conceptual artist Jeremy Deller organised a re-enactment of the event with assistance of the arts production company Artangel and re-enactment logistics company EventPlan. The event took place on June 17, 2001, and was filmed by film director Mike Figgis for a Channel 4 documentary. Wikipedia
With: Jeremy Deller, Howard Giles, Tony Benn

tags: Documentary


Director: Mike Figgis