Cold Creek Manor
Filmfest 2006

Cooper and Leah Tilson, a New York City couple decide to move to the country in order to provide their children with a safer life. But they get more than they bargained for when they purchase Cold Creek Manor, a gigantic, crumbling house that has a murky, dangerous past. That past shows up at their front door one day in the form of Dale Massie, an ex-convict who lost the house while incarcerated. At first, Dale’s presence is a comfort to the Tilsons, but Cooper begins to sense that something is amiss after studying home videos and photographs that were left behind. Sure enough, his attempts to keep Dale off his property only anger the bitter psychopath, triggering a relentless assault that endangers the lives of the entire Tilson family.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Sharon Stone, Juliette Lewis, Stephen Dorff, Kristen Stewart


Director: Mike Figgis