Filmfest 2006

In November of 2004, Mike Figgis oversaw a master-class organised by the European Film Academy (EFA) that took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The idea was to make a feature film in a week using DVCAM technology alongside Panasonic cameras and Apple computers. The Result was a 93 minute ‘mockumentary’ style documentary that charts real, fictional and scripted elements of the week. COMA was first screened to a packed cinema in Ljubljana on Sunday 7th November, 6 days after work on it began... On this journey the participants explored the language of film, and, in particular, the mechanisms between filmmakers and audience. Or, as Mike Figgis put it, “whether it’s a thriller, a comedy, science fiction, documentary or soap opera - each of them has its own rules, which we might call the suspension of disbelief. We have to think about where these rules come from.”
With: Aleksandra Balmazovic, Aljosa Kovacic, Thekla Reuten

tags: Documentary


Director: Mike Figgis