The Wind Blows Round
Filmfest 2006

A mountain village in the Occitaine Alps is gradually dying out, its income and the livelihood of its aging population only maintained by the summer tourist season. Into this small, tight knit and conservative community comes a French shepherd, bringing his young family, his goats and his entrepreneurial skills as cheese-maker. Initially he is welcomed, if not with open arms, then at least with the sense that his arrival could reinvigorate village life. But the newcomer’s experiences start to turn sour as misunderstandings multiply and the villagers begin to resent the intrusion his family and business cause to their oh so quiet lives... A hugely entertaining and thought provoking film about a profound culture clash in an isolated community. By turns funny, touching and infuriating. Adrian Wootton, BFI

tags: Feature film

Cast: Thierry Toscan, Alessandra Agosti, Dario Anghilante, Giovanni Foresti


Director: Giorgio Diritti