Tin Men
Filmfest 2006

Back in 1963, a salad bar was still a smorgasbord, "Bonanza" was America’s favorite TV show and the bossa nova its favorite beat. But most significantly, aluminum siding was born in Baltimore. And along with the siding came a breed of fast-talking salesmen who called themselves tin men. They hustled the homeowners with their creative scams, and celebrated their fat commissions over fried eggs at the Fells Point Diner... "BB" Babowsky has a 16th of a mile on his Cadillac when he collides with a regal ragtop driven by Ernest Tilley, a tough-as-nails tin man. The fender-bender escalates into a major feud – a fin for a fin, a taillight for a taillight – till Babowsky tires of the game and seduces Tilley’s wife Nora. Pretending to be a recent widower, he feigns a lack of nutritional knowhow vis-a-vis TV dinners. "I’m learning to eat again," he says, batting his eyes... TIN MEN is a tale of transitions and a test of mettle, as sweet as a slow dance, as classy and cumbersome as a Coupe de Ville. Rita Kempley, The Washington Post, March, 1987

tags: Feature film

Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Danny DeVito, Barbara Hershey, John Mahoney, Jackie Gayle


Director: Barry Levinson