The Taxi Thief
Filmfest 2006

Jose R. develops a routine as a cab driver on the streets of Barcelona. His life would be the same as that of any other 52-year-old cab driver, if it weren't for the fact that the taxis he drives are stolen. Jose steals to be able to work. How can such an absurd situation develop? Is he simply crazy or a worker out of a job who has been doomed by the system and forced into this situation? "The movie cleverly fictionalizes the true story of an unemployed man who borrowed other people's taxis to drive at night, returning them along with part of his earnings the next morning. The pic imitates an ugly TV docu so well that many viewers will think there are no actors involved." Deborah Young, in:, Oct. 5, 2005

tags: Feature film

Cast: Pepe Rovira, Marc Sempere, Marcos Rovira, Santiago López Petit


Director: Jo Sol