Ask the Dust
Filmfest 2006

From the writer of CHINATOWN comes a tale of small-town dreams and big-city challenges. Based on the novel by John Fante, Colin Farrell plays a down-and-out writer in 1930s L.A. who dreams of making it big, and Salma Hayek plays his lover, a waitress who also wants to rise above her station. "But what seduces most about ASK THE DUST isn’t its verisimilitude, but its gloriously old-fashioned backlot sheen – the L.A. of old Hollywood movies and of our collective fantasies. For this isn’t merely a dream project, but a dream – Towne’s belated valentine to his city and Fante’s adopted one and, in the words of Bandini, all the people who came there from someplace else." Scott Foundas, LA WEEKLY

tags: Feature film

Cast: Colin Farrell, Salma Hayek, Donald Sutherland, Eileen Atkins, Idina Menzel


Director: Robert Towne