The Treatment
Filmfest 2006

Jake Singer is an anxious young schoolteacher in New York – barely on speaking terms with his father, recently abandoned by his girlfriend, and heading for a life of compromise and mediocrity. Emotionally paralyzed by his mother’s death, he embarks on a course of psychoanalysis with a maniacal Freudian – Dr. Ernesto Morales, therapist from hell. But when he meets socialite widow Allegra Marshall, and finds himself upwardly mobile in the Manhattan of serious money and glamour – as he bounces from the couch to Allegra’s bed in the allegedly real world and back again – his whole life begins to take on the eerie, overdetermined quality of an analytic session and he must figure out his escape. "This New York rom-com is full of backbeats and unpredictable bounce, limning the existence of a neurotic prep school English teacher as he does psychological battle with his analyst, an Argentine Freudian whose therapy methods quietly range from the surreal to the sadistic. " Village Voice

tags: Feature film

Cast: Chris Eigeman, Ian Holm, Famke Janssen, Harris Yulin, Stephanie March


Director: Oren Rudavsky