How Much Do You Love Me?
Filmfest 2006

François is, apparently, a ‘typical’ Frenchman. He’s single, not very good looking or charismatic, and he’s besotted with Daniela, a voluptuous Italian whore who works at a brothel in Pigalle. Rather than pay 150 euros – plus the cost of an overpriced bottle of champagne – for a brief session with her, François offers Daniela 100,000 euros a month to live with him – he reveals he‘s just won the lottery. Daniela agrees... But François has a bad heart, which troubles his doctor friend. And Daniela has another lover, a brutish gangster, played by Gerard Depardieu.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Monica Bellucci, Gérard Depardieu, Bernard Campan, Jean-Pierre Darroussin


Director: Bertrand Blier