Poisen Friends
Filmfest 2006

The charismatic André – brilliant, self-confident and peremptory in his judgments – rapidly assumes the role of mentor to his comrades, guiding Alexandre toward a career in theater and advising Eloi in his work and love life. In return, he demands and obtains unconditional loyalty... It gradually becomes clear that André, despite or perhaps because of his promise, is going off the rails... The actors’ performances, particularly those of the relative newcomers in the lead roles, are uniformly excellent, and together with the crisp dialogue by Bourdieu and co-writer Marcia Romano, the warm colors, frequent night settings and Gregoire Hetzel’s original score in the style of Schumann and Hoffmann make for an intelligent entertainment. The Hollywood Reporter, May 20, 2006

tags: Feature film

Cast: Malik Zidi, Thibault Vinçon, Alexandre Steiger, Thomas Blanchard


Director: Emmanuel Bourdieu