Scream of the Ants
Filmfest 2006

A believer is in love with an atheist. They decide to spend their honeymoon in India. Their adventure begins. – "It was my dream for the past 15 years to make a film in India. I love India. But the bureaucracy is the enemy of the country. I have made 17 feature films before, but I have collected the biggest pile of papers asking for permission in this one. I think India is perfect to shoot a movie in, if I could make the whole film in one room," he (Makhmalbaf) says with a smile. THE HINDU, May 2, 2006

tags: Feature film

Cast: Mahmoud Chokrollah, Mahnour Shadzi, Ravi, Karan, Bolha Baba


Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf