Holiday Makers
Filmfest 2006

A disparate bunch of Czech vacationers thrown together on a one-week package bus holiday to an Adriatic seaside resort. The mesmerizing underwater opening sequence invites the audience to look at what lies beneath the surface of things, as magic can happen in unexpected bursts and unlikely places. The strange ensemble of characters is led by a plain-faced, witty woman who is taking her ornery middle-aged parents on holiday. Also along for the trip are a minor pop star, a gay couple, a pair of teenage sexpots, a homophobic mom and dad and their two kids, and a science-fiction-obsessed diving enthusiast who gets turned on by women swimming underwater. A fetching tour guide and a sadistic bus driver round out the motley crew... Dorna Khazeni, Tribeca Film Festival

tags: Feature film

Cast: Eva Holubova, Bohumil Klepl, Anna Polivkova


Director: Jiri Vejdelek