Filmfest 2006

Two Women, two whores, two princesses. One of them is Caye, almost thirty, working class, coiffed fringe and questionable appeal. Zulema is a princess in exile, sweet and swarthy, daily doomed by desperation to eat the bitter bread of banishment. When they meet, they are in different places, virtually in conflict. Many are the girls here who do not take kindly to the flood of immigrants into the world of prostitution. Caye and Zulema soon realize that, although not side by side, they are both walking the same tightrope. Their complicity is the well-spring of this story. Caye argues that princesses are so sensitive that, were they banished far from their kingdoms, they would die of sorrow. There must be some truth in her words because, for Zulema, the days grow harder, the silences longer, the fences tighter...

tags: Feature film

Cast: Candela Peña, Micaela Nevárez, Mariana Cordero


Director: Fernando Léon de Aranoa