Cuatro mujeres descalzas
Filmfest 2006

Four women searching for their place in the world come together to share their fears, hopes and the intensity of their faith. What they find is more than trust and friendship: it is the simple joy of being alive. “Some time in the future, I’ll remember this day... I’m almost ashamed to be so happy!“ Marta’s words radiate happiness, but before she can utter them, she and her friends will have explored some of the darker landscapes of the soul. Four women searching for their place in the city, in Argentina, in the world. Breaking down barriers to confront and share their innermost fears... Ultimately it is their faith – along with their friendship – that helps them make the decisions that will change their lives.

tags: Feature film

Cast: Eva Bianco, María Onetto, María Pessacq, Mara Santucho


Director: Santiago Loza